The Summit will address the following and many other issues:

Shareholder Activism is Coming of Age

As the shareholder base in Europe changes, a more shareholder-centric model is challenging the status quo and is creating an environment more supportive of activism. No European company is safe from shareholder activists anymore. Activist campaigns globally reached record highs in 2018 (according to Lazard’s 2018 Review of Shareholder Activism). Specifically in Europe, activist campaigns accounted for 23% (58 campaigns) of the total global companies targeted.

  • When does a Shareholder Activist get involved
  • The new trend is that institutional investor borrow a page from activists tactics in order to bring about the desired change
  • Are Shareholder Activists hostile antagonists, or some of them are becoming more cooperative with management
  • Activists continue to pay close attention to individual director performance
  • More boards becoming “their own activist” or commissioning independent assessments to preemptively identify vulnerabilities by employing firms in order to  conduct : director-vulnerability analysis, look at the strengths and weaknesses of board composition and proactively identify where activists may attack Board
  • What companies can do proactively to protect themselves and what to do when an activist shareholder comes calling
  • Changes in the Greek Corporate Governance Code

Board Quality and Composition at the Heart of Corporate Governance

  • What makes a board efficient? What is the role of the independent directors?
  • Is the board truly independent? Is its composition under regular review? Do board competencies align with and support the company’s forward-looking strategy?
  • Directors face increased scrutiny around how equipped the board is with industry knowledge, capital allocation skills, and transformation experience.
  • Institutional investors are pushing to further encourage robust, independent, and regular board evaluation processes that may result in board evolution.
  • Gender diversity continues to be an area of focus across many countries and investors.

Shareholders - Bondholders & Corporate Governance

  • Corporate Governance and Risk Premium: investors are willing to pay a higher price for companies with better Corporate Governance
  • Bondholders, like shareholders, now typically trade their securities instead of holding them to maturity, thereby giving bondholders a vested interest in their firm’s performance
  • Greek listed companies cases (Folli-Follie, Ellaktor, Creta Farms)
  • Does perceived Corporate Governance country level affect the prices of its bonds?

The Value of Corporate Governance for Non-Listed Companies & Smes

  • Application of Corporate Governance directives to non-listed companies: Problems & Solutions
  • Adaptation of Corporate Governance directives specially for Greek SMEs: Can it be done and is it worth the cost and effort?
  • SMEs Success Plans

The New Role of IT & Blockchain in Corporate Governance

  • How IT tools can be used to monitor corporate governance in a company
  • IT solutions safeguard corporate governance
  • Greek listed companies cases (Folli-Follie, Ellaktor, Creta Farms)
  • Blockchain can be used to enforce rules of corporate governance
  • Blockchain as a tool to connect corporate governance with shareholder activism